About - Julia Banks Jewellery


I believe it's important to reflect your own style through your appearance. There's only one of you - why would you want to wear the same as everybody else?

By buying beautiful, unique jewellery to enhance your individuality, you project your edge and confidence from the inside out - reinforcing who you are.

My designs are distinctive and purposely created to be atypical but still everyday wearable. I'm pretty handy with a blow torch so everything is handmade by me from start to finish. You can be confident you are purchasing well-made pieces using quality, sustainable materials. No mass produced jewellery means the likelihood of bumping into someone else wearing the same piece extremely rare.

Art Deco, Art Nouveau & Gothic design inspire jewellery creations in brass, copper & silver suggesting sumptuous and graceful age reflective of these era's.

The Designer

I live and work from my home studio in picturesque rural Greendale (a short drive from Christchurch).

I have a background in visual arts and are often found trawling through books for inspiration and learning new techniques through experimentation. I'm a member of the Silversmiths Guild of Canterbury.

Thanks for supporting local and handmade.

Eco-Friendly Ethics

My philosophy strongly reflects recycling and an ethical green aesthetic in jewellery creation and packaging. 

Supporting handmade from local artists & designers ensures you are not only purchasing quality goods but you also help reduce mass-produced products often created in extremely poor working conditions. 
When you buy locally created products you support our economy and independant small businesses; creating fair wages and working environments.


Materials & Processes 
All sterling silver used in my jewellery designs is 100% recycled by the metal merchant, meaning they do not use materials that are obtained from mines but only use metals that have come from scrap such as jewellery and photographic equipment. Copper is from recycled copper wire, mainly electrical cabling that would otherwise go into landfill. Where possible jewellery treatment methods such as adding patina to metal will always be achieved using natural methods rather than chemical processes. 

After becoming frustrated at the amount of throw away products and packaging I made a committment to use 100% recyclable packaging material.
I strongly believe even small businesses & individuals can make a difference. If everyone just makes one small change then we achieve one giant step. 

Silversmiths Guild of Canterbury