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Sizing Guide

• Bracelet Sizing Guide for Women

When selecting your bracelet size measure your wrist first over the bone firmly with a soft measuring tape or piece of string (lay it flat on a ruler after to get the length).

Add approximately 2 - 2.5cm to the final bracelet size.

• Wrist measures 16cm at the widest point across the bone. Add 2cm to get a bracelet size of Small (18cm / 7 inches).
This is an approximate guide ... all bracelets can be extended or shortened by adding or removing links.

• Ring Sizing Guide

• Take a piece of string and wrap it around your finger.
• Hold the string comfortably around your finger and mark where the end meets.
• Measure the string against a millimeter ruler.
• Use the chart below to calculate your size.

Ring Size Chart

Size 5 (J½) = 49.2mm
Size 5.5 (K½) = 50.5mm
Size 6 (L½) = 51.8mm
Size 6.5 (M½) = 53.1mm
Size 7 (N½) = 54.3mm
Size 7.5 (O½) = 55.6mm
Size 8 (P½) = 56.9mm
Size 8.5 (Q½) = 58.2mm
Size 9 (R½) = 59.4mm
Size 9.5 (S½) = 60.7mm
Size 10 (T½) = 62.0mm
Size 10.5 (U½) = 63.3mm
Size 11 (V½) = 64.5mm
Size 11.5 (W½) = 65.8mm
Size 12 (X½) = 67.1mm
Size 13 = 69.6mm