Caring for your new jewellery.

  • Always store your jewellery in the soft cotton bag that comes with your handmade piece. With the exception of pearls (which need to breathe) you can also store your jewellery in a zip lock bag to prevent oxidisation. All metals do oxidise over time, but you can help preserve the finish by removing your jewellery before swimming or showering. A small polishing cloth is included with every order to help your jewellery stay sparkling new.

  • Please don't sleep with your jewellery on as the ear wires and fittings can bend out of shape. Also remove before exercising, swimming or showering and general household duties like cleaning and gardening. A little extra care now will see your jewellery last a lifetime.

  • Scarves and high neck clothing can catch on longer length earrings so please be aware of this as you may end up losing one! If this happens please email to see if I can produce a replacement single at half the usual price of a new pair.


All jewellery is handmade with care but in the unlikely event your piece is found to be faulty, Julia Banks Jewellery will repair manufacturing faults up to 6 months from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

Manufacturing Faults exclude:

  • Gemstones.
  • Jewellery that has normal wear and tear and scratches.
  • Jewellery that has been mistreated i.e bent out of shape, dropped, knocked, stretched, broken after purchase.
  • Oxidisation.
  • Failure to care for your jewellery as per the "Caring for your New Jewellery" guidelines.
  • Lost or stolen items.
  • Unauthorised repair or alteration to the item.
  • Handmade variation. Handmade jewellery may have slight variations between pieces, which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the jewellery and are not considered faults. Pieces may vary in appearance, colour & size due to the handmade nature from other pieces in the same product range and images used on promotional platforms.